Thursday, 4 June 2009

Tom is FIVE!!!

Tom is so excited to be celebrating his fifth birthday.

Highlights of the day:

1. Eating chocolate cereal sent over from England
2. Receiving presents from friends and family, all of which he is VERY pleased with, thank you Nanny, Great Nanny and Ben!! He opened them all before Tommy went to work at 7.30, with a sleepy Uncle Sam watching!
3. Wearing a crown at school that said 'I'm 5 today', being the class 'special helper', eating banana muffins and having fun with his friends at school
4. Eating peanut butter and chocolate sprinkle sandwiches - something Tom had requested months ago and I agreed to for his birthday, which he reminded me of- before breakfast!!
5. Ringing the bell at lunch and having a couple of hundred people sing happy birthday and cheer for Tom - unlike most adults he found this very exciting rather than embarrassing!
6. Helping Mummy and Daddy build his new lego ship, complete with dock and containers, crane and lorry!! This was a bit of a gamble present - it was on offer before we came and so we bought it last November and shipped it over, not knowing at the time that he would become SO ship obsessed and it honestly was THE most perfect present in his eyes!
7. Having our first 'bomb alert' drill!!! Complete with fire engines, fire men, emergency medical vehicles, it was the first time we could not go through our normal route out of the ship due to the 'bomb' which confused the boys slightly
8. Eating dinner and chocolate cake with friends on deck 8 overlooking the ocean
9. Riding the go-kart and playing with friends on wiggle cars and the climbing frame
10. Talking to Nanny and Grandma on the phone

We love you Tom, happy birthday!!!

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Unknown said...

From Ben - 'Tom I like the lego mercy ship and the football shirts! I like the bikes and trikes you have got. I wish I was on the ship with you. I love you.'