Saturday, 21 November 2009

Deck 7 Zoo

I'm not sure how many of you are aware that we have our very own zoo on Deck 7...

 a preying mantis

a cricket? 

a grasshopper?

A selection of moths from 2 to over 10cm long

Acid Bugs (Paederus littoralis) - full of nasty chemicals, splat at your peril!!!

Since the rainy season ended we have been colonised by a lot(!) of insects. These were just the ones that happened to be around when I had my camera. I missed the swarm of giant dragon flies that visited the ship during break this week. All of them are harmless (except for the nast rove beetles which give you a nasty skin burn if you squash them) and the kids like looking at them.

This concludes you introduction to the deck 7 zoo.



Anonymous said...

Tommy, Tommy, you forgot the warning that takes up the whole PC size screen...........
(sure Roger is VERY happy :) )
Ordinarily, I would say 'Thanks for sharing'!!!

Roger said...

Don't panic Lynn - they are far away. Tommy, your photo of a praying mantis is somewhat superior to mine taken in Australia last month. The last two moth photos are Hawk Moths and the one through the window? is the underside of a butterfly - its antennae/feelers are like pin heads. I don't think the other flyer is a moth though, maybe a cadisfly or similar. You're welcome to send your 'zoo' this way.....Thanks for sharing!