Tuesday, 17 November 2009

VVF season ending

There are just the last couple of women left from the last session of surgery to repair Obstetric fistulas, many have now gone home, dry and smiling, the last few need a few more prayers having had a bit of a rough ride to recovery. A month or more ago I spent the odd morning helping with history taking before going back home to attend funerals and see family. I missed the weeks of surgery but have caught up with some of the women since - and what a difference a couple of weeks can make...

..they are now better! It is always so special being at dress ceremonies, a time of celebration for women who are going home no longer leaking urine after successful surgery. The women are given new clothes and some symbolic gifts and praise is given to God for all he has done. The shy women who hid under their sheets have emerged, more confident and look beautiful. I love working with these women.

PS...The ITV film crew came to one of the dress ceremonies so look out for the Mercy Ships feature at 6pm one evening at the end of the month, hopefully they will put that in rather than the interview with Tommy...

Some beautiful pictures can be found here:


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