Friday, 6 November 2009

let there be fireworks and sparklers...

...and there was (sort of...)

Our friend Sarah had more faith in the local shops than the rest of us and had gone in search of fireworks...and found some - resulting in lots of excited Brits....then we had to decide where on the dock would be a good place...maybe not near the fuel tanker running a fuel line? the other way a bit....then we had to try and light the sparklers - matches and lighters not working due to the we abandoned that plan for a minute and lit the first firework...and it lit - no bangs, whizzes, nothing shooting into the air, but just a little firework buring a few inches high! then the second firework....much the same - except this time someone decided to light the sparkler...and from that we lit all the sparklers and missed the little firework burning in the background....but it was ok - there was a third little firework for the grand finale, still no noise or drama, but a firework none the less....

Hope you enjoyed the 5th of November!

Pics here:

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