Friday, 27 November 2009

Goodbye to the day volunteers

Today we say goodbye to about 200 local people who have been working with us this outreach. We have just had African lunch, many people have dressed in their Sunday best for the goodbye and thank you ceremony this afternoon. We loved some of the traditional head-wear, Sam seemed pretty jealous of one guys hat, Mum would have liked the outfit with elephants all over it! It was quite interesting mixing African formal wear with Academy kids dressed up with face paint and stickers and other random clothing in the dining room!

Some of the day volunteers have been working alongside crew in departments around the ship, some have worked as translators in the different areas of our health care work. Somehow they all know Joshua and a good percentage will say hello to him everyday or give him a turn with the mop or randomly grab him and turn him upside down. Tommy has spent many hours learning French with one of the day volunteers as his tutor.

But now the outreach is ending...and they are leaving...but we are grateful for all they have done and for the friends we have made...and we may well see some of them next year in Togo...

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