Thursday, 17 December 2009

big swells=big movements

As we progress with the sail, the nice gentle waters are a thing of the past and the large westerly swells are rocking us all over the place. Unfortunately we can't shut our bedroom doors at night - our cabin is so noisy we wouldn't hear the boys in the night with them shut- so we spent some time taking the sofa apart to try and get them to the point of not banging. There is nothing breakable on our shelves or anything, but we have got complacent with the sail being so smooth with other things bieng left on the side. The water jug was the first to fly across the room, so we got up to mop up the water and then moved our plastic plates and things so they didn't disturb us as they flew in a similar fashion later in the night. There were still the unindentified crashes, one of which we have since identified to be some shaving foam which made us a little paranoid about whether anything was going to fall on us or whether anything would wake the boys. We have been sleeping sideways on our bed for the sail, which was a great plan (until last night) to go with the motion of the ship, but last night to be honest it wouldn't have mattered which way we were lying, it was impossible to sleep. We will be sooo pleased to dock on Saturday. And if we don't blog anymore we are probably just rocking about too much or too drugged on sea sickness pills again :-(

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