Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas fun

So far we have had a Christmas storytelling evening, which was pretty fantastic with plenty of talented people signing up to entertain the rest of us! They were located all around the ship and every twenty minutes we could move to the next location and see the next play or hear the next story. We are now in the know about the story of the candy cane and stories behind some of the well known carols.

Today, so far the smaller people in the school are caroling around the ship, and then are ending with cookies (they baked yesterday) and hot chocolate, whilst watching the snowman film. I just met them in the laundry room, singing 'we wish you a merry christmas....we hope you don't get sea sick...we wish you lots of dolphins....', not sure where else in the world you would hear that version!!

Plenty more festive fun to come...

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