Wednesday, 16 December 2009

how great....

This morning we saw orca whales swimming near the ship, and then some different kind of whale spouting a little further out. Some friends told me of how they had seen dolphins dancing next to the ship this morning, so I thought I would have half an hour on the bow while Josh was out at nursery and I didn't have work to do. And I prayed some dolphins would come by. So I unfolded my chair, got out my music and sat down and watched the waves swell, it was quiet and beautiful. And then there were dolphins, a little way out, that I wasn't entirely sure what they were at first, until they swam closer and then alongside the ship right under where I was sat. And they were amazing. So I took some photos and watched them until they swam off. At which point I sat down, put my headphones in my ears only to hear the words 'how great is our God' singing to me. Quite.

You can see the side of the ship at the bottom of the photo, there were about half a dozen dolphins playing right next to us
This is one who jumped just at the right time!!

I then told my family at lunch and showed them my pictures, and we all saw some dolphins together swimming past our window while we ate :-)

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