Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Still in the ocean

We are doing well, more than halfway now, scheduled to arrive a day or so late, probably on Saturday. The school has been busy this week, the teachers haven't had many minutes to enjoy the sail like the rest of us. They are trying to get things ready for the school play tomorrow and finishing lots of end of term things like Tommy has been getting the timetable ready for next semester. But the sailing is going well, it has been smooth which has made it easier to spend all those hours in the Academy without windows.
So what else have we been up to? There have been lots of ship activities to keep us all busy in the evenings, each of which I kept meaning to blog about, and maybe will about some of them. We have had Santa Lucia, which I had half blogged about - but which needs some photos added, a Scandanavian festival of light. We have been to the Winter Wonderland, a night to feel festive with Christmassy smells in the air from the punch, eating popcorn and where people sell crafts and cookies. We have been to the kids craft night and made a Christmas wreath for Nanny out of African fabric and made a few decorations. The boys have had Daniels pirate party and Libbys birthday party as they will both soon turn 5, in addition to Josh turning 3. We have visited the bow and watched the green flash at sunset (as if seeing a water spout and meteor shower haven't been exciting enough on this sail), seen wildlife swimming by and watched stunning sunrises from our cabin.
We can't complain the sail has been bad at all, but we will be pleased to arrive, pack our bags and then come back in time for Christmas.

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