Thursday, 10 December 2009

Happy birthday Joshua!

Joshua is turning three in International waters somewhere off the coast of Ghana maybe? Fortunately he seems to young to have noticed that we haven't felt up to decorating the door or even made a cake yet. He has had a very exciting morning of present opening and is struggling to decide what to play with first. We did manage to get him to have a break for a bowl of cheerios (followed by a chocolate tractor!) and put his clothes on so that he can put his birthday badge on. Today our aim is to be able to sit in the crew galley long enough for a packet mix cake to bake, some way off the ideas for beautiful fire engine or dinosaur cakes we had dreamt of, but to be honest he seems pretty excited with the idea of chocolate cake and chocolate custard and can play with his new fireman sam playdough shapes while it cooks. Then maybe we'll pop to the cafe for a frapachinno, and if the sea sickness pills are working well maybe brave lunch in the dining room so we can ring the bell and sing to him, we'll see about that plan at 11.55!

Thanks for the presents from home :-)

it was handy coming home in October with lots of luggage space for an aeroplane!

Happy birthday!!

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