Friday, 17 September 2010

The Academy at Appelsbosch

I know lots of people back home said that having photos of the Ship helped them imagine where we are living. And now it has all changed, so I am trying to give you an idea of where we live now through photos. The Academy is up and running in its new location:
 The classroom blocks
All the classrooms are basically the same. They are a decent size compared to what we are used to. They have not been used for a good few years so they were all in need of a really good clean. The elementary classrooms are now looking a bit more bright and cheerful. This is Tommy's classroom.
 This is the pre-school adopting their new routines - all walking to the toilet together in one of the dorm blocks as there is no working toilets in the Academy!
 Break-time is now enjoyed in a much bigger outside space

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