Sunday, 19 September 2010

fun times

Our girls trip to the supermarket yesterday started with us having to change a landrover tyre almost as soon as we left the campus. We had a good few people stop and offer help, but I am proud to say that it was actually some of the girls from our car that sorted it out once we found where to put the jack! But to make up for it as we drove past a field of cows we realised there were zebra there too. Further along zebras and buffalo were hanging out together and we managed to see the occasional monkey too which was quite exciting.

Then later Josh locked himself in the toilet cubicle and Tommy has to climb over to rescue him resulting in more filthy clothes just when we had actually managed to catch up with the washing (we haven't had any water a couple of days this week so the laundry had been waiting for water and sunshine!). That was not so much fun although he was obviously very confident we would get him out quickly as he wasn't at all bothered! At least squeak the mouse seems to have been frightened away for the time being.

Today we learnt that Joshua gets travel sick, although he blamed Uncle Sam for not driving nicely - that obviously being the cause rather than the winding roads!

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