Thursday, 16 September 2010


I meant to do a blog yesterday about the incredibly fat, hairy caterpillars and enormous beautiful moths, but never had the chance to take any pictures. Today my wildlife encounter was removing a tick from Tom's hair (the fourth tick in our family in the two weeks we have been here so we (I) are becoming quite experienced at removing them), last night it was meeting a mouse in the toilet cubicle. I decided from now on I would call him 'Squeak' in an effort to try and be less freaked out by the encounter and vowed to only visit the bathrooms in daylight (there are no working lights in our corridor so when it is dark it is really dark!) so I don't tread on him by mistake on route. I decided our wildlife encounters were fairly mild though when hearing that one of the other children had a maggot squeezed out of her leg this morning. So who wants to join us at Appelsbosch? It is fun, really.

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