Monday, 13 September 2010


We made it! And the blog site hasn't let me post since we got here so I have lots of things to post for once! We have had some internet for a few days now but it is still not working very well. We are living in a very remote area of South Africa called Appelsbosch, somewhere people have never heard of once you travel an hour away as it is so small! It is tucked away up in the hills about an hour away from the nearest town, although there is a supermarket about 30 mins away we have heard. The space outside is lovely, sometimes the Spring weather is quite warm and we can spend hours outside playing, sometimes it is still a little chilly for living with no heating and we watch movies under our duvets. We are living in communal buildings - it has the feel of being somewhere between University halls of residence and camping. Living in halls was similar with the communal bathrooms and showers, but it was a lot warmer and we had use of a kitchen there so at least had a kettle and fridge nearby. Still it makes us count our blessings living on the Ship! There are washing machines, but currently we have to fill them with buckets of water so a couple of loads took me three hours today, watching the machines for when they needed the next re-fill (and that was with a friends help as I had to do a school run partway through!)! The outside space and gym are a great blessing and make up for the other inconveniences to a large part. The boys spend hours scootering and running about with their friends, while the grown ups slowly add more and more layers of clothing while we watch them. The Academy is functioning in it's new location, there have been a few challenges but generally the move has gone well.

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