Thursday, 16 September 2010

our new place

Here is where we live, we have three rooms in a three floor building. We share the ground floor with three families as well as Sam and Amy. The rooms are all the same:
 This is the boys bedroom - their beds are at the far end, there are small tables where Josh is standing where they can draw pictures etc. On the other side to the tables is space for storing car seats and scooters!
Our room is very similar to the boys, this one is our third room which is our play area. It has a bed in the corner so that we can sit and read the boys stories. We have moved the curtains to double up the curtains in the boys room to try and stop them waking up as soon as it gets light. The blanket is on the floor so we don't get too cold playing as the floors are quite cold!

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Unknown said...

lovely to see it Sarah! Not so lovely to hear about the mouse!! I would be freaking out!!!!!!