Friday, 24 December 2010

19 weddings in one day

We visited Durban Botanical Gardens last Saturday, it was what you would expect really, beautiful gardens, plants everywhere, trails to walk around...and 19 wedding parties having their photos taken. We started counting while we sat and ate our picnic after we could see five different wedding parties all at once. Incredibly the weddings had all chosen different colour themes, apart from a couple that were pink that it was easy to count and differentiate them. The photo above has three of them in, the one on the left had green bridesmaids, there is one on the right behind the bush with the yellow bridesmaids and one of the pink parties coming down the hill. And there was one with gold and green bridemaids next to where I stood taking the picture! Josh was even asked to be in a picture, which fortunately he declined as he was covered in chocolate spread, dirt and a chavvy white England hat!

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