Friday, 3 December 2010

the crocodile and the gazelle AKA sports day

Today Tom was part of team gazelle and Joshua team crocodile as part of the Academy sports day. Usually we live on a ship with very little space and rules restricting running around so being here on the campus has been a lot of fun for the children. Unfortunately it never stops raining here and the football field was flooded but we still held a sports day event in the gym. The teams had to prove themselves in high jump, mini hurdles, penalty shooting, throwing balls and bean bags, in relay and sack races. They had a lot of fun, then the whole school minus pre-school and nursery put on a gymnastics display to show us what they have been doing in PE for the last few weeks. Here are some pics from today:
 Team gazelle
 Team crocodile
 Penalty shooting
 Josh high jumping
 Tom in the gymnastics display

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