Friday, 10 December 2010

Our baby is 4 and Sarah lost a tooth!!

It seems incredible that it was four years ago that Joshua was born.  He was helped into the world by one of Sarah's friends, spent the first week of his life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit since and not looked back since.

Now I wonder what else to tell you of Joshua since his arrival - this year his Christmas present from one of his teachers was the Mr Men book Mr Noisy - she tried to choose the one that reflected their character. He is a confident little chatterbox, always asking questions, especially to Miriam and anyone else he knows will keep answering them endlessly. He is very friendly and a bit of a ladies man, although now we're pleased to say the ladies include other pre-schoolers rather than just twenty-somethings! He is generous and caring, it was his own little idea to share his advent calender chocolate with his Dad on his birthday (slobber and all) and to share the smarties that he just received today with Tom before Tom went back to school after lunch. He loves having his friends over to play with him, he loves watching movies, playing with playmobil pirates and plastic animals. He has spent nearly half his life in Africa and has been to five countries on three continents. He remembers very little of the UK but knows how much he loves his family there, talks about them regularly and along with Tom loves to see photos.

So 4 years on he is thrilled to be four! He is loving it being his birthday, that people have said happy birthdday to him wherever he has gone, given him gifts and sung in the dining room. Really this is such a great age to have a birthday!! And his favourite present was some plastic animals that Tom gave him, he was so pleased with them that they have been to breakfast, school and lunch!

Sarah has spent some of the day in the local hospital, having a wisdom tooth extraction. There was no cavity in the adjoining tooth like they thought - it seems that the wisdom tooth had just moved and was causing some pressure. It was such a blessing that Dag, the ship dentist was able to remove it locally, and that it won't cause any more bother, beyond looking like a bruised chipmonk for a few days anyway ;-)

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