Tuesday, 14 December 2010

This year's school play...

...was the Christmas story from the Angels perspective. The bigger kids told the story through acting, singing, dancing and sign language (in the pitch black for one song with luminous gloves -quite incredible!). The smaller kids did some group singing, dancing and joined in for a bit of the sign language. And the tiny ones dressed up as part of the nativity. Josh was quite vocal about not wanting to be a sheep so got to be a cow this year, and actually did make it up on the stage (after refusing last year and falling asleep on my lap dressed in his sheep costume). In the photo above (borrowed from the Schwebels blog as we didn't get any good pics- hope they don't mind) Tom is bottom left and Josh is the cow with the farmers tan next to him. We'll have the video soon (although our video camera seems to have died like our camera so didn't film it properly :-( There should be some film from the other video cameras though so we can show our visitors coming soon).

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