Thursday, 9 December 2010


We are about to experience Christmas in Summer and it does feel strange. Summer might be a strong term for the weather that we are experiencing, with rain being the most common phenomenon, but it certainly is not winter and snow is something we are hearing of only from people far, far away in the distant land of home. Some things are familiar - the shopping malls best avoided as they are jam packed full of crazy festive shoppers for example, but on the whole it all feels strange. But kind of nice, I actually can't quite decide. We spent yesterday eating ice cream at the park in our shorts and t'shirts, not shopping for a Christmas tree as we have no where to put one. Next weekend we thought we'd visit the football stadium as Tom wants to see where the World Cup semi-final was played, rather than joining every one else in the long shopping queues or worrying about getting the turkey. The children have made decorations, this coming week we are making and decorating Christmas cookies and going to a carol service at our church here. There are signs that Christmas is coming, but it is nice to say that it is not because of any chaos or stress usually experienced at this time of year or because the days are getting colder or shorter. There are some things that we will miss this year having Christmas in South Africa (after our families, Mum's shortbread and mince pies rank fairly highly as does pretty much all the British food...), but it will no doubt be a unique international experience, sharing the day with our ship family -we're going back to the Ship for the day so the whole community can celebrate together.

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