Saturday, 28 June 2008

exploring the base

We have been for a walk round the base (2 mile track). There is a barn with free range chickens and rabbits. Tom got to help the lady put the eggs in boxes - some were still warm as we saw her remove them from under some of the chickens! We saw lots of goats on the way back, but despite Joshua moo-ing all the way round the cows were in hiding today - they probably heard him coming and ran in the other direction!

Joshua is finding it hard walking around - probably a combination of being tired, the heat and the uneven ground, we're all getting a bit tired carrying him around (the pushchair front wheels are broken so its hard to push unless you tip it up! We might have to get a cheap buggy from somewhere...)

We have now registered, which was all of about 5 minutes, and are about to go to meet everyone on the Gateway. Time for the nanny to do some work....good luck Uncle Sam...



Renee' said...

I just discovered your blog! My husband and I have recently become very interested in Mercy Ships ministry as a possibility for us after he retires from the USAF. I look forward to reading about all your adventures!

Unknown said...

I hope you find what we write useful. If you want a blog of a family already on the ship there is a link to the peet family's blog on the right hand side --->