Friday, 27 June 2008

our morning so far...

We are now wondering why we mentioned the red ants to Tom as he is now beyond paranoid and thinks they are everywhere.

Breakfast was great, normal cereal and fruit and Mark offered to drive us to a store to get some nappies etc. We were debating what car seats we needed when a family said we could borrow theirs for the morning. So off we went to Tyler (which was where we thought we were but was actually 25 mins in the truck???!!!). It was a Sam's store - it looked like it might have been the cash and carry type bit of the Walmart chain. Anyway, we bought nappies, batteries and drinks in ridiculously big quantities as that was all they sold.

We got back for lunch and think we may have unintentionally offended the cooking staff by declining the fish and chips (and no veg) option for the children as they just wanted a sandwich for lunch as they will be having pasta tonight. I think that may be an issue every lunchtime and the reason why everyone says excpect to put a huge amount of weight on during Gateway training!!

We'll see what the afternoon brings...


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