Friday, 27 June 2008

We have landed!

Well we made it to Texas (through American customs which included standing in an extra line for 35 minutes because we had a banana in one of our bags! As identified by the sniffer dog.)

The trip went very smoothly, though. In particular, the boys were excellent all day. Coping very well with having too many meals and not enough sleep. Here's a picture we took while waiting for the pushcahir in Dallas:

Hopefully this makes sense - we are feeling a little tired but thought we would post before going to bed so you had something to read in the morning. We probably won't check back till midday(ish) UK time tomorrow.



fran said...

Glad you arrived in good spirits and that the kids were okay. Thanks for the text - was thinking of you during the day and estimating the time that you would get there. Lois says hi and that she misses you a lot!

Hope the jetlag doesn't stuff up your weekend!

Unknown said...

Just make sure you don't go all soft on Lois now that I'm not there to encourage the bullying!

Helen said...

Hello, can't believe you tried to smuggle a banana in America!!!! that is so funny the sniffer dogs sniffed it out!! thinking of you all and missing you. what am I going to do on Tuesday afternoons?........Love Helen xxxx