Sunday, 29 June 2008

the texan church experience!

Well we got a lift round the corner as the weather has now decided to rain, rain and rain some more. We are surprised that anyone managed to sleep through the thunder and lightening....anyway, we went to the church round the corner. We walked in to a room decorated with red, white and blue and greeted by a lady in a cowboy hat!!! She took us to find the kids activities where they were celebrating the 4th of July with ice cream and strawberries, so Tom opted to stay there (who wouldn't!!!) and join the other kids for their own singing and fun. She sat him with a little boy of the same age and asked him to look after him and make him welcome. She said to him, say hi to Tom and its great to have you here, so he did, in Texan - I wonder whether the boys actually understood a word of each other! We're not sure whether Tom has any clue what the 4th of July stuff was all about, and are slightly puzzled that the story was about snow, but hey he seemed happy enough as he left with his lollipop!

We're about to go to a session for more introductions, so hopefully we'll know at least a little about everyone by the end of the day and more about what to expect in the next four weeks.


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