Saturday, 28 June 2008

its hot, hot, hot

Every time we leave the air conditioned buildings Joshua says 'hot', every time Joshua falls over and touches the pavement he says 'hot' rather than 'up', while we were swimming every time he touched the side he said 'hot'. It seems to be the most common word at the moment! - even above No!

Swimming was a welcome relief - in an outdoor, unheated pool the temperature was about right, but the ground was too hot to walk without shoes so we left them right next to the steps! We're so glad that we have some factor 40 beach suits for the boys, I think we would run out of sun-cream otherwise.

After popcorn chicken and chips last night and fish and chips at lunch-time, it was nice to see some tomato pasta - although just when I thought the boys might eat something, Joshua refused to try any!

We now have neighbours as other people are arriving for the Gateway, by car - which is certainly the way to do it so you can get off the base - although they just drove for 2 days which appeals even less than a 10 hour flight!



Amy said...

Im in leeds and it looks like its about to chuck it down. Wish it was hot, hot, hot here!! I also wish i was eating fish and chips and popcorn chicken....YUMMM!! And the kidlets just wanted a SANDWICH!!!! WHAT is WRONG with them!!!!! x

Unknown said...

ha ha. It's OK, Sam is eating the kid's portions too. He's going to come back fat I think ;-)