Friday, 27 June 2008

First Impressions

Everything here is so big! The campus for Mercy Ships is the size of a small farm, back home. There is so much land that I think they just build low and spread stuff out a lot. All along the 'highway' there were low rise, enormous footprint retail oultlets. And loads of overhead power cables - I don't think they bury them here?

It is hot! It really reminds me of walking into a greenhouse because its quite humid too. Apparently it is slightly warmer than usual for this time of year - it wouldn't normally be in the 90's until the end of next month. The days are shorter here than back home because we're further south so it get light later than we are used to - this helped the boys to sleep in I think.

The people are friendly. We were looked after by a couple called Mark and Nari Palmer from Canada who got us some food at the cafeteria. Apart from being our fourth meal of the day it was also really busy there because they had just finished their community meeting and most people who work on the base had stayed on for dinner so there were a lot of people and we struggled to find five seats together. The Palmer's also showed us our room in the Family Dorm. Sarah bumped into a guy who had been on the ship in '97 when she was, in S. Africa, as we walked into the Dorm. We've got a nice room with plenty of storage space.

It's time to go to breakfast now so we need to try and wake Uncle Sam up! Don't fancy our chances...

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