Monday, 30 June 2008

starting class!!

Today Uncle Sam was tested further as he had the boys all day. All survived to tell the tale which was a reassuring start to our time here. They visited the farm and then they practiced for going swimming by getting changed ready and then changing back again as the pool was being cleaned! Joshua cried again when we left him, but looked pretty happy when we saw him at lunch and then from dinner time, and was very concerned about where Uncle Sam was every time he moved. Although there are no other children the boys are getting to know some of our course friends and seem pretty settled overall (they are eating ok, although not very much, and sleeping really well too - just with the odd night waking)

Starting the class was great, (but they weren't kidding about it being all day, every day so it's going to be busy so keep praying we survive...) One thing I found interesting was that the biggest thing God was concerned about in the first part of the Bible was oppression and injustice of people, not immorality or something else. We are learning so much outside of the classroom too, about Africa and the work of the ship which makes us long to go and serve (and no there is still no news on the cabin - other than there's none in the near future...)

This afternoon we met Don and Deyon Stephens, the founders of Mercy Ships, in their home over drinks and cheesecake, so got to hear the history direct from the people that made the history. It was the first time we had been in an American home which was exciting too.

Tommy and Sam are now playing some kind of volleyball thing in the gym, after a very embarrasing scrabble type game, where Sam was making up all sorts of words and I realised i don't know enough words.



Anonymous said...

sounds like a good start all round. I have spoken to Tom on the phone and he sounds very happy and settled and enthusiastic about all he's been doing with uncle Sam. Spoke to u.Sam as well who also sounds happy about how its all going and is holding up ok so far.When I asked Tom if I could speak to u.Sam he did tell me he was asleep and would wait for me to come and help poke him to wake him up, could be a bit tricky!love Mum x

Helen said...

Glad you all survived the first day Sarah. sounds fantastic!! We will keep praying for you - we have your schedule up in our office. Will email you more in a minute. Love Helen xxxx

Anonymous said...

amy and anna came to visit at the weekend and we had a look at your blog, so i now have it on my favourites and will keep checking back. sounds great, glad you're all doing ok.
sounds like sam's first day as a proper nanny went well too - let's hope it continues!