Wednesday, 1 July 2009

a big smile

This week we have moved our admissions department due to the noise of the generator they are using. We are currently sharing a room with the orthopaedic/physio team which is generally fairly lively with patients walking around, kicking balls and the odd very loud bit of screaming when they are removing a cast (due to the noise rather than anything else!). Today there was a lovely little boy, a bit bigger than Tom, so probably a couple of years older, smiling and waving at me as I sat admitting patients. He climbed up and down the three stairs many times, he walked around with some crutches, his caregiver looked on smiling. I later found out that he had not walked until now. I have no idea of medical history or anything really except I thought this was amazing and he was pretty happy!!


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Unknown said...

that is a lovely story!! Wow! Brings a warm fuzzy feeling to me!

Hows your Mum getting on?

It is very hot here - 30 degrees. Anything like that there?

Speak soon

Love Helen