Saturday, 4 July 2009

Dining out.

To mark our anniversary weekend we went out to dinner, taking advantage of the very lovely and willing babysitter currently residing on the ship!! We went to 'Livingstones', also referred to by many as 'the English pub', although we are not quite sure why considering the menu is mostly pizza or steak with the odd item of frogs legs!! Eating out here seems pretty much like back home, its only really ex-pats and wealthy nationals that visit restaurants so the atmosphere in the area around the eating places makes you feel more like you are on holiday- quite a contrast to walking around near where we live, the food is usually good - today the pizzas were good enough to have come out of pizza express or similar. We sat outside on a terrace watching the world go by, analysing the people that were walking past, as you do! We are so used to people trying to sell us everything under the sun as we walk along the street that we didn't really think too much of the people who try and sell their necklaces, stone pots, bracelets and earrings or carved animals while we waited to be served. It became quite fun trying to guess what we would be offered next, then Tommy spotted a man coming over with a bunch of flowers (which is unusual here in the heat, we've only ever seen fake flowers being sold). We politely declined his offer of selling the flowers to us, so he gave me one (complete with about a million flies!) and said it was a gift. Then he crossed the road, removed a couple more from the front garden of someones house and went on his way. And once again, we are reminded we are in Africa.


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