Saturday, 11 July 2009

cleaning the coolers AKA the blackout!!

So today while some poor people worked hard cleaning the engine coolers the rest of us tried to go off ship for at least part of the blackout day. We have had no power, a/c, working toilets or showers since 8.30 this morning, although it has just come back on. Fortunately it has not been too nice outside today so it hasn't got as hot as it might have done otherwise. We cleaned the boys up a bit with baby wipes, read their bedtime stories by torch light (as it gets dark here around 7pm- we don't have the long summer evenings like back home) and then sat around and chatted in the dark waiting for the announcement that we could use the sinks, showers and toilets!

Next weekends excitement - going back to the fuel dock. Who wouldn't want this level of excitement??


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