Monday, 20 July 2009

ward visits and teddies

Today the kids have visited the ward as part of their summer programme. They took felt teddy shapes and stuffing to make the teddies with the patients and then left them as gifts. The teddies had a card with them where the children wrote something the patient wanted them to pray for. Previous weeks they have made bracelets and butterfly pictures on the ward and given them to the patients. The bigger kids have been making visits to the Hospitality Center as well and Tom's group are helping play with the small children at an orphange this week. The kids have been great at showing love to the patients, even those who find visiting the ward outside of their comfort zone. It is great that the summer programme includes opportunities for the children to do things that are not centred around them. Tom said he didn't want to go to the ward today, but changed his mind after thinking about the patients and remembering they would feel happy if they have some visitors who make something special for them. Joshua and I went down to see that he was ok and Tom and Anna were happily helping someone called Denis make a teddy bear.

[No pics as we are not allowed to take photos on the ward/of patients]


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