Friday, 24 July 2009

pre-school summer programme

The little ones have been on ship most days this summer, but have had their own fun baking, doing crafty things and playing games. We haven't stopped hearing about the cookie monster who took their cookies and how they had to hunt for them all over the ship! Today they have been out on their own trip for ice cream and then joined with the bigger kids for carnival games this afternoon.

Any guesses what kind of ice cream Joshua just ate??

Pre-school baking cup cakes for Miss Bethanys birthday AKA Miss Sam baking cup cakes for Miss Bethanys birthday and pre-school playing silly (very noisy) games with the big boys!

Some of the carnival fun!

Joshua really wanting to get his face painted but found it was so tickly that he just ended up with a red nose as he couldn't stay still for the rest!

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