Monday, 25 October 2010

breakfast, lunch and school dinners

 On Saturday this is the view from where we had breakfast, sitting outside on the patio of the house where we are house sitting (more about that later). Down the hill are bananas growing, around elsewhere there is sugar cane farmland.
 In the morning we needed to go to a bank, after which we headed to the beach with our picnic, enjoying some short-lived sun-shine. We sat and watched a group of dolphins swim past, really near the coast and then a group of whales putting on quite a performance ( you can see one splashing in the picture!!) a little further out.
 We then explored the rockpools and found lots of crabs, this one Tommy called the lone sailor looking out to sea!
It was very relaxing, before we returned to the house to find there was no power to cook with and so we headed up to Appelsbosch for dinner in the dining room, I have no picture, but the closest thing to imagine is school dinners, although the food is much better here!

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