Thursday, 21 October 2010

Candle dipping

 Saturday afternoon we had time to fill after the Lion Park and it was raining. We drove up the Midlands Meander - a stretch of road with craft shops and resturants in search of things to do. We stopped at the odd (hugely expensive) craft or farm shop and window shopped while the kids made use of the playgrounds and got as muddy as they could. Then we found this little place - the Candle Dipping Shop where the boys were asked if they wanted to dip a candle.
We chose a long candle and a Christmas tree shaped candle for each of them to dip. They got to choose some different colours to dip their candles in and had a lot of fun. It was a great way to kill some time on a rainy afternoon and total cost for the 4 candles and dipping was just over £3 so we couldn't complain!

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