Wednesday, 13 October 2010

not the best week

We've all been sick and so there's not been a lot to say besides that. We have all taken it in turns, some of us twice and the week has been spent sleeping, watching movies, washing bedding and mopping floors. Please pray that we are finally getting over it.
Tom has started learning to play the recorder. The grade ones have all been issued with recorders and are now toot-tooting around the campus. Tom is very excited about the whole idea, and while highly unlikely to have any musical talent hidden away certainly has some enthusiasm for trying it!
I went to the Ship at the weekend to take someone back and it was certainly strange seeing it out of the water.  Once better I'll try and get some pictures, it is quite something, Our friends have some great pictures on their blog so check these out, it is the ship as you have never seen it before - out of the water with a big hole in the side... 

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Anonymous said...

hope you are all better now!! look forward to the recorder recital so keep practising tom x love nanny x