Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Natal Sharks Board

 We arrived and were greeted by this great white shark and couldn't resist a quick photo
 Shark skeletons, turtle shells and all sorts were on display, plus the odd surf board with a shark bite out of it!
 Grade one in a diving cage with a great white shark swimming by them
 The face says it all really. It was very interesting, but slightly yukky too! His face got even more horrified when the lady started asking who would like the shark's heart to take home!
 The large bit at the front is the sharks liver, they showed us the intestines, stomach, egg sack and much to some people's horror and other people's delight squeezed snot out of the sharks nose!
 Yes, that's right we can all claim we have touched a real (albeit dead) ragged tooth shark, it felt quite smooth brushing one way and a little rough the other.
Just showing us the heart. Delightful. They dissect the sharks very carefully so as to keep the organs intact so that they can be used for research.

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