Monday, 25 October 2010

our little closet dog lover

Having lived in West Africa the last couple of years the boys have not had much exposure to dogs. Tom was always nervous around dogs when he was little so we did wonder how it would go house-sitting a house with a bunch of dogs and cats. The first time they saw the dogs the boys were both a little wary but it took less then 24 hours for Tom to ask if he can have a dog and to be completely comfortable with them. We are looking after a great dane, a couple of poodles, a mixed fluffy one (techical that!) and next doors puppy a rhodesian ridgeback is often around. Tom has mastered stroking dogs and eating breakfast at the same time and really seems to have established himself as a dog lover. Josh quite likes the dogs, but is not so comfortable by himself, given that one of them is bigger than him.

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