Monday, 1 February 2010

Day One

I have been lying in bed trying to think up words to describe it all. Words that are the opposite of fun, exciting, quick, smooth...hope you get the idea. They were not kidding about the rocking about that was coming our way. The boys are completely oblivious except for the occasional helpful comment such as 'we are rocking' as one of them falls over, Tommy is 'bucket sick' (thank small children for that delightful mental picture) and I can't face being upright for fear of joining him. I think a good percentage of the crew are feeling the same way, but if there is anyone still standing pray they come and knock on the door of our cabin tomorrow wanting to play with a small child because 8 or more hours of Joshua wanting to play 'with someone' might be more than we can take!

Now for a lie down :-(

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Sher Sutherland said...

I so will pray for you! I talked with Ryan today and he said it's much worse than when we sailed to Tenerife. If I was there, and I wish I was, I would totally take your little guy and hang out with him!

I understand the rough time may last until tomorrow night. Praying that you miraculously wake up tomorrow feeling 'normal'.