Sunday, 21 February 2010

Tom can swim!

After a teacher training day on Friday it was good to get out for a change of scenery yesterday. After heading towards Benin last week we headed towards Lome and had a drive round to get our bearings (and to stop at a dodgy knockoff football shirt stall where Sam felt it necessary to add Cameroon to his collection of shirts - well we have sort of been there - we sat on a air-bus on an airport runway - does that count?).

One nice thing we have discovered about Togo is that there are a good few pools to choose from within close proximity of the ship and not generally costing an arm and a leg. So we headed to one (a different one to the one that turned our clothes green) and had a day of swimming and relaxing. We drove past a sign telling us it was 37 degrees out (about 10am) so by the time we got to a pool it was pretty hot for sitting around. If your sun lounger was in the sun it was pretty uncomfortable actually sitting on it (although the lizard didn't mind)! We spent most of the day in the water watching the boys have fun and found it good to have a break from the ship.

Tom spent a while jumping in near the steps and swimming to them, generally splashing everyone in sight but gradually getting more confident. We didn't expect him to swim further than he could manage on one breath as he has found breathing at the same time really hard, but then he just did it. Across the pool, and then again and again as he was so proud of himself. And we are really proud of him!

Joshua put himself to bed last night, when I went to see what he was doing he was lying on the bed, sheet over him and with bleary eyes said 'I am tired, can I go to sleep?'. To be honest it didn't look like 'no' was an option, he may have been before I left the room.

A nice relaxing pool

What outing would be complete without Tommy taking pics of wildlife.
A lizard that wants to borrow the sun lounger

Josh our little bird (his term not mine), he loves to be thrown or to jump and go underwater

Tom our little swimmer :-)
Here's the video Tom requested for Nanny!


Anonymous said...

wow!!well done tom thats really exciting! thanks for the video we loved watching it!lots of love nannyxx

Anonymous said...

Well done, Tom. You will have to practice hard to be as good as Mummy and Daddy. When are you going to teach Joshua.

May & Alasdair Murray