Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Is that Togo? Is that Togo?

Joshua kept asking - are those rocks Togo? Is that ship in Togo? Is that dock Togo?

Tom getting ready for arriving with his flag of Togo
Most of the nursery/preschool boys making faces after watching the pilot board

Oh yes we are IN TOGO!!!

The tug says we are in Lome, Togo and there are some crew members waving from it!

This is our berth on the right, just a little further than where the people are standing

We were welcomed by a great crowd on the dock, a whole brass band and then a whole lot of drums playing 'our God is an awesome God' and some French African songs that have come to be so familiar to us. It is good to see old friends, crew who have been striving here to get things ready for us and some of last years day volunteers come back to welcome us.
Singing from the end of the dock and a brass band welcome

Tom still holding his flag as we get tied up
More people where the ship has docked to welcome us with music

Togo's flag being carried down the gangway to start the arrival ceremony

Pictures of the new dock to follow. More pics on Olly and Sally's blog, although don't get any ideas that the view out of our window is like theirs! We're facing the dock!

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