Tuesday, 2 February 2010

"Each one of you will have a tale to tell"

So says Captain Tim at our meeting this morning, referring to the night that has just been. That made me smile, thinking of the nights activity. The entire contents of the cabin are on the floor (to be fair most of them we put there anticipating the movement but the last few bits of paper and plastic items went too, and now everything is scattered far and wide and no longer feels neat piles are necessary), there are towels stuffed in drawers to stop things rattling, the TV that was secured well enough for the last sail decided to jump this time (and still works thank you God), the crashes from the crew galley were enough to make me thankful I didn't have to leave my cabin for fear a saucepan would be flying towards me. Apparantly there is enough flour and milk around the galley for a pancake mix, sounds like a fun clear up job. This morning is calmer than the night, but we have had to change course to survive the swells and let people who have been up all night rest.

Are we there yet? No, only 9 days to go? Pray for us!!


Anonymous said...

well done for being such a faithful blogger despite extreme conditions!
Lynn x

Unknown said...

Sarah it sounds awful. Wish I could make it all OK for you all. Thinking of you lots and lots. Are you up for a phone call? Love Helen xxx