Wednesday, 3 February 2010

a little bit further

We have ticked off day two and half of day three at sea. It is getting smoother, yesterday we had some rocky periods as they tried to find the best route to minimise the effect of swells on us. However, we had a good day for whale spotting, dolphin watching and Josh and his friend Xavier had a lovely show from some very cute little porpoises (which he was not fully appreciative of - in his enthusiasm to go with Xavier to find the nappy/diaper bin on deck 8- of all things!!). Hopefully it will stay nice and calm, we will loose that last bit of feeling nauseous and we can enjoy the rest of the sail. Tommy is doing better with teaching in his windowless room, the boys remain oblivious and haven't even woken at night when things were crashing about, if we could just catch up a bit of sleep now things would be looking even better. Thanks for praying :-)

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Unknown said...

glad it is a bit better. Speak soon - tell me when I can ring. Love Helen xxx