Sunday, 14 February 2010

wildlife spotting

We were sat on the dock tonight, having taken our deck chairs out for a nice quiet sit and chat while the children run around with their friends. Every few minutes the peace would be interupted by someone who will remain nameless shouting 'rat, rat, rat' ;-) We pondered whether we could paintball them to count them and see it
was the same rats reappearing. Then it got a little too friendly when it was decided to start naming them. Yuk.

Then we heard the boys had been part of a 'kill the cockroach' session. Nice.

So who is coming to visit this year? We are open to visitors, just not the furry or creepy crawlie type :-)


Anonymous said...

I waaaas contemplating a visit, but now...........? :P
Lynn x

Unknown said...

I'm trying to get a photo to share. I know you appreciate my photography so much...


Anonymous said...

oh dear, better shut down the blog page for a few weeks till any nasties have disappeared off the bottom of the screeen lol!
lynn x