Saturday, 12 July 2008

the emotional rollercoaster

Its been very up and down with news on the cabin. Some hints that we might be able to go to the ship at Christmas, some still hopeful we can be there before or for Tommy to go first to start the academic year and we catch him up when a cabin becomes free. Tommy went to HR today and they said they thought it would not be possible before the next academic year, but that we should know in the next week if we can go in January. I am taking the very defensive tack of not believing anything hopeful until its definite as it was all getting a bit much hearing so many different ideas. It is hard for Tommy feeling like everyone he talks to has a different story and wanting so badly to go and teach on board.


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Unknown said...

it is a really rollercoaster isn't it for you! I just think it will be good to know either way Sarah. Will be praying for you. Stay strong. Love Helen xx