Sunday, 13 July 2008

Going to the rodeo

I can now say that I have had the Texan Rodeo experience. I've seen real cow-boys lassooing bulls, children riding sheep (you had to see this one to believe it -one of them was only 4!), men riding bulls and bucking broncos, wagon races, a monkey riding a dog who was chasing sheep, cowgirl barrel races and square dancing on horses. Who wouldn't think that was fun! The man who got squashed by the bull maybe? They played extreme poker too, so anyone that fancies a challenge- what you need to do is get three friends to sit round a table with you, get someone to let a bull in and see who sits for the longest! The thing Sam is holding was given to us when we arrived - Tommy requested that we didn't buy him any tacky souveniers- he was not bargaining that we would bring him one back for free!


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Renee' said...

I have really enjoyed seeing America "Texas Style" through your eyes. Had a few good laughs, too. I hope you guys get a family cabin before january!!