Sunday, 6 July 2008


You may have noticed the new slideshows on the side. I am trying to catalogue the different creatures we are seeing. All of them so far have been taken by me and come from within about 100m of our front door and include a male cardinal, a lizard and some big bugs. I have been so keen with my camera that people are now coming to get me when they see anything interesting. I'll add to the slideshow when I get new pictures and try to make it obvious when it has been updated.


Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing the wildlife spots increase - impressive lizard and cardinal bird so far. Any good moths seen yet? (national moth week finished in UK last night! - I must delve into my soggy/wet trap now to see what's in there....)Roger

lynn said...

Roger may well enjoy such things... Personally I think there should be a health warning on the front page of the pics for those of a nervous disposition!!!
Sorry but I won't be exploring that part of the blog :) (But still enjoying the rest very much) x