Saturday, 26 July 2008

I got a Cicada

After hearing these things making a huge racket in the trees around and about I finally managed to get a picture of the Cicada.

The shell in the background is the shell they live in before breaking out of the back of it, shedding the skin and becoming the beautiful creature you can see in the foreground. This is just an annual example but others are famous for having a life cycle of either 11 years or 17 years apparently with a vast number appearing periodically. They make a particularly unique sound with a long lasting rattle that rises in pitch.

For the last week we have been in a different classroom for the BST and we got this picture of a nest literally right outside over the boardwalk:



lynn said...

well done on all the tests. glad you made it through!
I would like to suggest for the future that you have 2 blogs.... 1 for the general public and one for roger :) You can then remove all those NASTY creepy crawlies from your web site so that those of a nervous disposition can read the blog with their eyes open LOL!!!Hope return goes really and very much looking forward to seeing you back and catching up. x

thefarrells said...

I agree - not sure i was prepared for the bug obsession that would develop in Tommy while we were here! I much prefer photos of people!