Monday, 7 July 2008


Well I have now tried my hand at wallyball, I have some new reasons why not to play

1. God gave all the wallyball genes in the family to Sam, so maybe he did not mean for me to play
2. I was completely terrified of the ball
3. I couldn't even see the ball half the time, let alone hit it
4. I now have very sore arms and wrists, that tingle a bit still from my attempts

Still, no one beat me up for being so terrible so it could have been worse.



Anonymous said...

i think theres a verse in the Bible which says we can do all things I wonder if maybe you are not playing with enough faith ?love mum x

lynn said...

10/10 for effort!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah I'm a bit timid of the ball myself. I'm Igby, a friend of Sam's. I really like reading your blog. I will pray for you and your family.

Samuel Slennett, said...

when u werent ducking outta the way of the ball young sarah i feel you werent too bad at all!!!

when u hit if you could see the slennett in you ;)