Sunday, 27 July 2008

preparing to go home

We leave tomorrow night so I have had a little think about out time here and have concluded that...

We will miss
-fab friends we have met here
-having Uncle Sam with us all the time
-swimming outside every day (this is what Tom said)
-not having to cook (some of the time anyway) and wash up
-meeting green lizards and other interesting creatures
-big fridges with ice dispensers!

We look forward to
-seeing our family and friends (wooohoooo)
-being able to walk everywhere
-catching up on sleep
-not having to walk round the dorm to get to the bathroom or kitchen
-Tom and Joshua actually sitting down at mealtimes and eating
-having time to process the last month
-playing Bob toys (this is what Tom said when i asked him!)
-finding some earings after losing one firefighting and one life-saving!


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The Rollands said...

Hey! We miss you guys already. On our way out of town we stopped at the Tyler Rose Garden and wandered around a bit. We thought of you, Tommy, when we saw a lizard sunning himself on the spider lily leaf! Be safe!
Love, Jenny