Tuesday, 22 July 2008

firefighting day 1

Can you believe we spent all day learning about fires and firefighting. At the end of today we got kitted out for tomorrow so that we can start promptly by 6am! We are going into a container which is going to be on fire! Sounds pretty fun? Lets hope so to make up for the fact that Supernanny is on duty from 5.45!!! Uncle Sam is not so keen on that bit if the day! We have to do some tests to pass like getting dressed within 60 seconds and then putting on breathing apparatus within 60 seconds, then presumably actually putting out fires. It took about half an hour today to get all the bits together so that could be a challenge, but you have to just keep trying til you can do it apparantly! Its going to be hot - they have warned us that everyday this week is likely to be over 100 degrees, hopefully not while we are dressed like Fireman Sam and Penny Morris. Tom is so excited for us that we are learning to fight fires it should be fun showing him some photos.

Sarah - who is looking forward to taking many hilarious photos tomorrow to distract myself from the thought of having to enter a burning building.

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Anonymous said...

sounds quite exciting! at least you will be trained next time you burn the sausages!love mum